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It’s officially mid-August and I need everything to slow down- I am not ready to leave this beautiful summer in Denver for a (almost) whole month of travel. More sunshine late in the afternoon, more happy hours on patios with friends, more fresh produce, and more days off would be lovely. Since I will be out of the country for the majority of September, I know that fall will be flying by just as fast and as soon as I know it, we will be back in the cold winter months of Colorado.

Not that I don’t love skiing weekends, hot cocoa, and down comforters, but this summer has been an incredible one for me and I don’t want to stop making memories. I have so much to look forward to for the next few weeks and I hope I can soak up all this time and keep it in my pocket for those upcoming chilly fall days.

Do you feel the same? Are you anxious for summer to end? Or you do prefer the fall season and the sweaters, hot drinks, and squash that come with it? Be honest with me  – if you’re a fall person (I used to think I was one before moving to Denver), remind me why I should be looking forward to it!

Recommended Reading 7

And on that note, below are some of my favorite articles from the past month or so that I want to share. Weekend coffee just got more substantive (I’m guilty of browsing Instagram for too long, so you might need the push too!).

Good Reminders

Sizing Down Food Waste: What’s the Worst Thing to Toss? from NPR: Discarding a pound of boneless beef effectively wastes 24 times more calories than discarding a pound of wheat, because the beef also contains all the calories in the corn that fed the cow (unless you buy grass-fed meat). This article definitely made me think again about how stuffed I keep my fridge, and was a good reminder to eat leftovers instead of passing them over for a new cooked meal.

Don’t Let Your Children Grow Up To Be Farmers from NY Times: Farmers are working in the red while providing us with farm fresh produce at our favorite restaurants and farmers markets – we need to continue to support them further, not just through buying, but through policy and advocacy for the little guys who don’t have a nonprofit or a celebrity chef behind them.

Good Laughs

To Eat, Or Not To Eat from NY Times:  Scientists have found that you could turn off appetite with a beam of light. This video is a weird one of a mouse with something stuck in its head emitting light… just ignore that and listen to the audio which is interesting.

No Joke: Chicken Crossing Road Blocks Traffic from ABC News: In North Portland, a chicken brought traffic to a standstill and police were called to the scene. Oh, Portland.

Health and Nutrition

If Exercise Feels Like Work, Mindless Snacking May Follow from NPR: Thinking of your workout this way might bias you to seek a reward at the end. I try to combat this by finding workouts I seriously enjoy, listening to music, and getting outside of the gym for some workouts so it doesn’t feel so mindless (hiking, biking, long walks, etc).

The Controversial Life of Skim Milk from The Atlantic: I grew up drinking skim milk. Some researchers believe drinking low-fat milk leaves people feeling hungry, and companies are creating sugary flavored alternatives to make it appealing. Should we have children switching to higher fat milk or does the low-fat craze continue?


Hearty Breakfast Toast 2 Ways: Avocado Lime + Thai Curry from Nosh and Nourish: I need to step up my toast game. Both of these versions look zesty, delicious, and full of healthy fats to keep me full all morning.

Summer Peach and Corn Kale Salad with Cumin-Lime Vinaigrette from Dishing Up The Dirt: I can’t get over Colorado peaches and sweet corn, so this salad sounds right up my alley. I need to try cumin in this dressing!

Blogger Favorites

Healthy Eating on a Budget from Nutrition Stripped: McKel’s 20 tips for eating healthy plant-based and whole foods on a budget is a great reminder to those struggling with the grocery bill balance. Shop smart, eat seasonal, take advantage of frozen produce, and batch cooking are some of my favorites. I love that she notes ‘skip super foods,’ because we can all skip chia seeds and just eat whole, nutritious foods like spinach.

Yoga On The Rocks from No Thanks To Cake: Kelly writes with such honesty, and this piece is a good reminder that we all need to find our peace with ourselves and be empowered, whether that be through yoga or another form of release. I think we can all agree when she says “I’ve got too much that I want in my life to worry about fears.”

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Share the goods you’ve been reading in the comments! What’s your weekend plan?



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    I also cannot get enough of peaches + corn. Love the idea of eating seasonally to eat real food on a budget, too! Weekend was low key and pretty typical… long run, yoga, dinner with friends, cooking, grocery shopping, blog work… not that I mind :)

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