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Another week gone and we are now into May. I must say that I have been waiting for this weekend for approximately 3 months. I finally finished my GRE last weekend, and 3 months of studying for that is now behind me. While studying for the test helped remind me how much I love academic environments, I am still in no rush to go back to school – and as my job and social life continues to evolve in Denver, I am becoming happier and happier in this little home I’ve made for myself. We just renewed our apartment lease near Cheesman Park, which means I have lived here for a YEAR (I started by job May 13th of last year)! I am happy to not worry about the stress of uprooting (ha) to a new place this month, and we love our neighborhood too much to leave it. My mom is coming into town for the weekend which will be a great way to start enjoying weekends again without GRE practice tests: I think the farmers’ market, walks around Cheesman, good dinners and plenty of girl time are in store! After complaining about how obnoxiously blue/purple my toenails are (see below), maybe I’ll go get those repainted too. Bold ≠ better. What are your plans this weekend?

Recommended Reading #4

Good Reminders

How to Order Wine at a Restaurant from Bon Apetit: I can’t be the only one stumped by what good wine etiquette at a restaurant is, and this tutorial helps you learn to speak the sommelier language. I generally go with “house red” which translates to “cheapest wine you got, please,” but it’s nice to know how to ask for something fancier on a special occasion.

How to Have a Happier Monday from SELF Magazine: We all need to be reminded to keep our weekend wake-ups in sync with the work week. This is how I have been successful with my 5:30 AM gym wake up call on Monday mornings! This article is also a great reminder to keep some of your healthy habits from during the week in your weekend- keeping your Greek yogurt for breakfast and some semblance of a daily routine will keep you feeling healthy and less indulgent compared to making pancakes for breakfast and then going out to dinner the same day.

Good Laughs

The Wonut is Proof That A Benevolent Food God Exists from Buzzfeed: The Cronut wasn’t enough. Now people are making waffles, frying them, dipping them in glaze, and sprinkling them. When will we have enough? I secretly wish I had debuted this idea because I would be a millionaire by now. Bummer.

What’s The Secret to Pouring Ketchup? Know Your Physics by NPR’s The Salt: Not only is the animation of this 4 minute video about ketchup amazing, but everyone can relate to getting ketchup all over their meal after banging a Heinz bottle too hard. Now I would like some french fries and ketchup, please. I am also surprised to hear that mayo is a more popular condiment than ketchup in the US!

Health and Nutrition

Coffee Flour from Refinery 29: A new gluten-free java powered flour is on the market, boasting 50% more protein per gram than whole-wheat flour — and five times the fiber. Instead of wasting this part of coffee, it is now milled into flour. I love the sustainable idea and am intrigued by what it might taste like in coffee cake…

Restaurants Skip Required Nutrition Info; Officials Choose Not To Care from LA Times: California has required restaurants to keep nutrition information on menus for the past five years, a huge step forward for nutrition buffs, but there is no enforcement to ensure this law is being carried out. Read about the legal hold up in this article, which goes further than California menus.


Blueberry Banana Breakfast Smoothie from Lemons and Basil: I have started to make smoothies for a little snack in the car before I get to work and have yogurt or oatmeal, and I love stuffing them with fun add-ins. This smoothie is a great example of throwing in oats, flax, cinnamon, and vanilla extract. I want to stick my straw into it!

Cucumber Goat Cheese Grilled Cheese from Sweetsonian: I just died and went to grilled cheese heaven. I love all these sliced cucumber photos and the combo sounds so refreshing and delicious. I am also reminded to buy some sourdough bread because why haven’t I had any lately?

Blogger Favorites

REAL Stories: Weight, Body Image, & Food Freedom from Running on Real Food via The Little Honey Bee: We are all susceptible to falling into comparison traps, where we wish we could have a certain different quality or feel like one way of life that works for someone else should work for us. I love how brutally honest Deryn is in this post, reminding us that #weareREAL and loving your own body is all about perspective and reviewing your priorities.

Pantry Organization Like A Pro from Nutrition Stripped: I owe my success at healthy eating to keeping nuts, seeds, and whole grains from bulk bins at Sprouts. Not only is it cheaper to buy a small quantity of these items, but it’s easy to keep a variety at home. I love how this pantry looks with the chalkboard painted jar lids- I am slowly convincing myself that I definitely need more jars in my life (because having two sets of mason jars isn’t enough?).

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      Thank you!! I am so appreciative of that. Now let’s hope I decide whether I want a PhD or not before these test scores expire..! Haha.

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