What I Ate {#13}

Bye April and hello summer weather in Denver. The morning sun definitely has jump started my energy, and I’ve been getting to the gym before work three days a week lately (except today… I needed the Zzz’s because I’m worried I’m coming down with something). It was a quiet month around here as I tried to keep up with an increasing work load while studying a lot for the GRE. Yes, I am putting myself through the pain but hopefully it will all be worth it tomorrow when I go sit for the 4 hour test and *fingers crossed* don’t have to repeat the experience. I have known for awhile that grad school, and specifically an MPH, would be a natural next step for me after a few years in this job, and this winter ended up being a perfect time to study and put my nose into some math problems. I don’t know if I actually remembered a single geometry theorem before starting this process, but all is well now and I’m hoping for payout tomorrow! On a totally separate note, I need the fashion police to come and intervene because I slept too late this morning and am wearing Birkenstocks to work with neon purple toenail polish.. and a purple sweater. So let’s hope I can get myself together for tomorrow and that no one visits me at my cubicle today.

There hasn’t been a ton of eating out this month, though Passover left me with a food baby quickly followed by Noah’s cousins’ birthday dinner at the Kitchen Denver, a restaurant I have been dying to get to since moving here. I ordered steak for the first time, and I have to say that I loved it. I never cook red meat at home and I always love how it is prepared out, with a bit of a spiced crust. Our friends from Hong Kong were here for a quick visit and I enjoyed the juiciest lamb burger with harissa sauce and feta out at Udi’s, another meaty entree. But in terms of eating at home, I have been upping the fresh greens in my diet by trying to eat more salads for lunch, drinking chocolate protein smoothies with spinach in them, and filling my grocery cart with fruits and veggies. I think spring brings that out in all of us, and I love how I am feeling paired with my new exercise regimen. I am hoping to celebrate my GRE on Saturday by going out for tacos and margaritas during happy hour- you should celebrate too; find a positive in your week and make it worth celebrating. Happy Friday, friends!

Denver HaHo Market Work Lunches Coffee Bar at the Tavern Uptown Veggie Burger Collard Wrap Smoked Cheddar Cheese Roasted Lemon Chicken Dinner

Clockwise from the top:

 Blueberry and cherry handpies to go from the Denver Handmade Homemade Market

Tasty spinach, tofu, and avocado salads at my desk slathered in Cholula hot sauce

Quick collard wraps filled with avocado and veggie burgers with sweet potato rounds

Roasted lemon chicken, chard and quinoa, and roasted asparagus

The infamous block of smoked cheddar that arrived on my door and turned into mac & cheese

The coffee bar at brunch with chocolate dipped spoons and whipped cream at The Tavern Uptown


    • Marisa says

      I prefer to wait until later to read blogs (like while sipping on some coffee), but I am known to peek at bloglovin’ while power walking on the treadmill and do my best to avoid falling over myself :)

  1. Emily L says

    I hope the GREs went well today! I will actually be going to grad school (also MPH) this fall! It’s exciting to read about other food bloggers who are interested in public health!!

    • Marisa says

      Thanks Emily, it went well! Congrats on getting in- public health has always been my focus and food blogging is my newest healthy hobby :)

    • Marisa says

      I just discovered collard wraps and now I want them more often! I know, how awesome was that coffee bar? I had to limit my caffeine intake!

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