Thankful for all of you.

This year, more than ever, I am feeling very sentimental as Thanksgiving and Hannukah pass and the Christmas season approaches. This is my first real winter on my own, and I know my twenty-somethings can appreciate being saddened by the loss of 2 week winter breaks, missing extensive time with family (good or bad!), and the confusion of whether it is appropriate to ask for presents from parents who have supported us wholeheartedly up to this point in our lives (keep me on your cell phone bill another year, please?).

As the first real season of being a grown up (or being a fake grownup, who knows), I realize how important it is to be appreciative of the little things people do for you. The thoughtful coworker who brought bagels in for everyone before Thanksgiving. The invitation from a neighbor to come to her Bronco party (I went for the food- I am still on the fence about football). The friend who texts me pictures of the recipes she has made from my blog. It’s the little things, guys, and I am thankful for you.

I am thankful for

My support system of friends around the country, and getting the opportunity to visit my family over this long weekend in the City of Roses

Sisters Black Butte Ranch Thanksgiving Photo Collage Chautauqua Park

I am thankful for

This beautiful city I live in, the opportunities I have had to travel to see friends in other cities, and adventures abroad with my partner in crime

Cheesman Park Yoga On The Rocks Aspen Colorado Abroad in Hanoi

I am thankful for

My healthy mind & body, that takes me through work out classes, yoga, to the farmers’ market, and craves good food and good company

Farmers Market Healthy Work Lunches Blogging and Coffee Gym Time

In this season of thanks, I will try my best to give back to those who are so wonderful to me. Never underestimate the power of a written note to let someone know you’re thinking about them, a phone call to a relative or college roommate you haven’t connected with in awhile, or how wonderful it really is to bring a batch of chocolate espresso cookies into work. I hope you are feeling the love this season and giving it back. Thank you all for being my little outlet for creativity and good food, and for supporting me always.



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    What a wonderful post! I remember in grade school making a turkey drawing out of your hand print and listing all the things we were thankful for in the past year. It’s such a great exercise as it really makes you reflect on the past year.

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      Thanks, Heather! It is almost like New Years in that way, but instead of focusing forward we are focusing on what we appreciated from the last year. Maybe I should make a turkey hand print again :)

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